New - Expanded Spirit Line

I am so excited to share our new and expanded spirit line with you, to help support you through exquisite and sometimes challenging times. Created in cooperation with communication from the plant kingdom and guidance from Source. Our spirit line will support you in your Soul's Awakening and assist you in aligning with new vibrations and energies, consistently being delivered to the planet.

The line has been specifically designed to help you remove blocks, see a clearer picture of perfection, both within yourself and the world, love yourself more, communicate more clearly in your relationships (seen and unseen) and to ground and intergrate, as you move forward. So, if you are in need of support at this time, I hope you will visit our Spirit line page, and treat yourself to the wisdom and love from the plant kingdom and beyond. Be sure to visit our spirit page often because I will be unveiling new products to support your awakening and intergration and guided by Source as new energies continue to evolve.

With blessing and growth,




All Products

3rd Eye Opening

Stimulates the opening of the 3rd Eye Chakra by amplifying aetheric resonance,

5D Integration and Expansion

Promotes and allows shifts necessary for Soul Body Alignment.

Adrenal Formula

For adrenal health. Reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Alfalfa Leaf

Purifies, alkalizes and balances. Alfalfa is naturally high in many essential vitamins and minerals.

Alignment Oil

Creates the experience of energetic expansion on all levels. Topical use

Anti-Parasite, Fungal and Vermifuge

For treating fungus, yeast, bacteria and parasites in the body.

Ascension Essence

Eases disharmony about one's uncertainty of life purpose.


Creates the feeling of Well-Being and clarity, while strengthening the immune system. To be ingested orally.

Awakened Heart Oil

For the experience of self love, peace and a joy-filled heart. Toically. be used top

Be Well

Reduces the harmful effects of stress, increases energy and improves immune function.

Being Grounded Oil

Brings you in-balance and in-connection to the earth, while integrating 5D frequencies.  Topical use.

Blood Cleanse Formula

Detoxifies, strengthens and balances the body. Increases energy and immune function.

Calming the Soul

Calms the soul by releasing old hates, resentments and
emotional negativity.

Chakra Balance Essence

Opens and balances major chakras.

Divine Feminine Presence Essence

Radiant, self-assured and grounded presence.

Elderberry Elixir

Strengthens immune function,  treats allergy, cold and flu symptoms relieving congestion. Anti-aging.

Embrace Fear

Banishes fear, worry and doubt from the mind. Works on astral level.

Emotional Body Essence

Calms the body that is agitated by emotional excess.

Energy Body Essence

Aligns all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies.

Enlightened DNA Oil

Shift out outdated behaviors, negative thinking and bring in balance and health! Topical use.


Frankincense, Myrrh and Oregano Oil Blend

A pure blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Oregano Essential oils.

Heart Centered Wisdom

Enhances the ability to bridge the Heart Chakra frequencies with the Mind.

Heart Chakra Expansion

Expands the capacity for love and compassion by revealing the blocks.

Holy Basil

Induces a peaceful, relaxed state easing the effects of stress. To be ingested orally.

Inner Peace Essence

Produces a state of inner peace and ecstasy.

Joint/ Tendon Formula

Reduces swelling and relieves inflammation in joints and tendons.

Kidney/Bladder Formula

Used for kidney and bladder health.

Liver/ Gallbladder Formula

Used to promote the healthy functioning of the liver and gallbladder.

Lymph Cleanse

Clear Lymph System.

Male Formula

Supports male genito-urinary system. 

Male Formula # 2

Supports male genito-urinary system.

Mental Clarity Essence

Stimulates memory, mental clarity and higher mental consciousness.


Keeps the symptoms of menopause away.

Purple Sage Bundles with Lavender

High desert Purple Sage from Utah bundled with Lavender. Grandfather measures 7-8"


Release and Thrive

Unlocks, releases and clears buried emotions, blocks and held trauma in emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies..

Resurrection Oil

Bathes the soul in the frequencies of unconditional, universal love. Topical use.

Sleep E-Z

For a restful sleep.

Thyroid Support

For thyroid health.


Helps with inflammation, congestion, menstrual challenges, cleanses liver and regulates pancreas.

Viral Cleanse, Support and Rebuild

Reduces and eliminates virus cells from reproducing and traveling in the body.

Youthing Essence Duo

Youthing Serum and Youthing Oil 

This duo nourishes skin for a glowing, youthful radiance.