Herbal Tinctures for Health

These remedies have been developed through Divine guidance to support your Spiritual growth and etheric body.

Featured Products

Adrenal Formula

For adrenal health. Reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Alfalfa Leaf

Purifies, alkalizes and balances. Alfalfa is naturally high in many essential vitamins and minerals.

Anti-Parasite, Fungal and Vermifuge

For treating fungus, yeast, bacteria and parasites in the body.

Be Well

Reduces the harmful effects of stress, increases energy and improves immune function.

Blood Cleanse Formula

Detoxifies, strengthens and balances the body. Increases energy and immune function.

Joint/ Tendon Formula

Reduces swelling and relieves inflammation in joints and tendons.

Kidney/Bladder Formula

Used for kidney and bladder health.

Liver/ Gallbladder Formula

Used to promote the healthy functioning of the liver and gallbladder.

Lymph Cleanse

Clear Lymph System.

Male Formula

Supports male genito-urinary system. 

Male Formula # 2

Supports male genito-urinary system.


Keeps the symptoms of menopause away.

Sleep E-Z

For a restful sleep.

Thyroid Support

For thyroid health.


Helps with inflammation, congestion, menstrual challenges, cleanses liver and regulates pancreas.

Viral Cleanse, Support and Rebuild

Reduces and eliminates virus cells from reproducing and traveling in the body.