Purple Sage Bundles with Lavender

Purple Sage Bundles with Lavender

Introducing StefsBlooms 

Stefania Masoni, creator of Stefs Blooms, was born in Rome, Italy raised in the US, Italy and France. As a young adult, Masoni lived in Central and Latin America where exposure to indigenous cultures sparked an interest in herbs, rituals and mysticism which she continues to study today. She earned a 5th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu specializing in ancient Chinese weaponry in New York’s Chinatown. In New York City she was introduced to Grandmaster Alan Lee, founder of the Kung Fu Wu Shu Temple and a renowned chi kung and feng shui expert. After two years of proving to him she was a sincere acolyte, he finally accepted Masoni as an apprentice earning a Feng Shui Master Certification. In 1999, she founded “Good Feng Shui” in Greenwich, CT, an international consultation service for corporations, businesses and private residences. Masoni wrote “The Good Feng Shui Toolbox- Creating Harmony in the Office”

and has been interviewed on the radio show It’s Rainmaking time. She decided to move Good Feng Shui to Santa Fe, New Mexico in order to learn more of Native American culture and Created StefsBlooms in Salt Lake City, Utah where she sustainably and respectfully harvests purple sage in the high desert 

transforming it into sage bundles and sachets and so others may benefit from it exceptional healing properties. All of Masoni's creations are blessed in the name of Saint. Germain and his purple light. "This is what Spirit has instructed me to do at this time," she says. "And so it is".



The Purple Sage of the Utah High Desert:

The sage covering the terrain of the Utah high desert turns a purplish color as the sun sets,

the altitude and pure character of the light create a violet jeweled blanket over the mountains.

It is breathtaking. Lavender is collected, dried, and added to the bundles, creating a wonderfully soothing aroma.

Grandfather measures 7-8"  lengths.

Uses for Sage:

Smoke - Purification/Cleansing

Chewed - Digestion/Halitosis

Tisanes: Colds,/ Flu/ Detoxification

Size Grandfather

Price $6.95


For orders outside the USA, please call 1 800-604-5442 or email info@nolabotanics.com


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