Kidney/Bladder Formula

Kidney/Bladder Formula

The Kidneys and Bladder together play an important role in the elimination of waste through the filtering of the blood and production of urine. The Kidney/ Bladder Formula strengthens and aids the body in the functioning of these two organs by its’ antibacterial and diuretic action, the soothing and coating of the walls of an irritated bladder (cause of overactive bladder), dissolving stones, relieving the pain caused from kidney stones, dissolving and eliminating uric acid, helps with Gout and inflamed urinary tract, inflamed prostate and kidney and bladder infections.

Cleavers, Uva Ursi, Hydrangea root, Marshmallow root, Dandelion root, Nettle leaf, Prickly Ash bark, Red Clover and purified water in a vegetable glycerin base.

Directions: Take 1 dropperful, 3 times per day.

Size 2 oz.

Price $15.00


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