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Anti-Viral Cleanse and Support


About Cindy

Plants started speaking to Cindy Daigle when she was 19 years old. Instead of going to pharmacy school and on to study pharmacognosy, Cindy studied with well known doctors of herbal medicine, and followed the voice of the plants into the Rainforests of Hawaii where she spent 3 years studying plant medicine, herbalism and ancient healing techniques.

On a life long quest to connect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and to awaken balance in cellular structures and the soul, she has traveled the world studying science, chemistry, DNA, sacred geometry, counseling, languages of light, vibrational medicine and energy.

As she connected more deeply to the energetic frequencies of the plants, Cindy began creating herbal remedies to support clients, friends and family through sprains, kidney stones, diabetes, high blood pressure, surgeries, cancer and more.

As people felt better and began enjoying their lives more, word of mouth about Cindy’s remedies spread beyond family and friends and NOLA Botanics was born.

Infused with the wisdom of the plants, Divine guidance, and a pinch of the spirit of New Orleans, NOLA Botanics continues to evolve organically as Cindy continues to follow her soul’s work. 

Cindy’s forward vision is to own a family farm to grow all of NOLA Botanics’ plants and herbs and to start an apprentice program to teach others to create remedies.


NOLA Botanics Founder, Cindy Daigle, Herbalist and Transformational Alchemist is available for a limited number of consultations each week.