NOLA Botanics formulas work on all layers of the human body –physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/energetic. They reach deep within to shift blocks and inform the DNA to release codes that no longer serve your well-being and offer your DNA new instruction for health, vitality, happiness and peace.

If you’d like to experience  an even deeper level of healing, NOLA Botanics Founder, Herbalist and Transformational Alchemist Cindy Daigle, offers private consultations that combine science, energetic transmissions and intuition to help facilitate bringing your health back into balance.

During a one on one private consultation with Cindy, you will explore what is at the core of your dis-ease and shift into accessing DNA codes that vibrate in the frequency of health that can be supported and sustained using NOLA Botanic remedies.

Consultations typically last 45 minutes, and can be done in person, on the phone or via SKYPE. Fee for consultation is $110.00. To schedule a private consultation with Cindy, please purchase a consultation, and you will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule your appointment.

Enjoy a 20% discount on the purchase of any remedy following your consultation.

  • Consultation Fee

  •     Amount: $110.00