Anti-Parasite, Fungal and Vermifuge

Anti-Parasite, Fungal and Vermifuge

Pau d’Arco is used in the treatment of most fungal diseases, including thrush, athlete’s foot, nail fungus and ringworm and is well known for immune enhancement and overcoming Candida albicans yeast overgrowth.  Used as an effective blood purifier against many toxic blood conditions, such as dermatitis and psoriasis. Black Walnut hulls are anti-parasite as well as a great source of iodine aiding in thyroid health. Wormwood is used to treat worms in the liver and digestive system along with its anti-inflammatory properties. Echinacea is added for its’ anti-viral properties aiding in the treatment of colds, hepatitis as well as herpes.

Pau d’ Arco, Black Walnut, Wormwood, Echinacea and filtered water in a vegetable glycerin base.

Take 1 dropperful, 3 times per day.

Size 2 oz.

Price $15.00


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