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7 New Wildflower Oils

November 28, 2015

We are stewards of this planet and spiritual caretakers of the Earth’s garden; this includes the mineral, animal and plant kingdoms, as well as, each other.

At NOLA Botanics, we acknowledge with gratitude and awe, the healing and nurturing gifts offered by the plant kingdom. The new expanded line, “Gifts from the Source” is alchemically formulated from wildflowers. The freshly cut flower heads can open the soul up to energies from higher realms, while releasing the blocks that have not been apparent to us. Some of the flowers stimulate the development of our spiritual gifts, while others activate and align the chakras of the higher bodies. Cindy chooses the flowers that will easily, shift and balance the energy bodies, clearing the field allowing new, higher frequencies to integrate.

The message guiding me to begin creating these oils came  after an especially powerful download in the summer of 2015. I was directed to take in the beauty and essence of the wildflowers while on a trip in the mountains of northern California. After that initial experience, I was guided to temporarily quiet my mind of years of stored herbal knowledge and wisdom, to allow the wildflowers'  communication of their message to me. The wildflowers have much wisdom and healing for us. Their delicate essence works on the level of the soul, gently and effectively clearing. The higher exquisite frequency of the flowers raise our frequency when the oils are dabbed on the Crown, Ajna or High Heart Chakras. In simplistic terms, our energetic bodies are able to easily release the lower frequencies allowing more light into our fields.

 I have been creating these formulations for only a couple of months now and have seen powerful shifts in clients, family and friends. Effects such as an immediate awareness of the 3rd Eye's expansion, the integration and calling back of lost soul fragments, also allowing old beliefs to come into view for release, forgiveness of oneself,and to releasing old dark energies from past lifetimes carried deep within. All formulations are created for the acceptance, release and integration of one from the awareness of the soul, When we know, from deep core levels, that all is in perfect harmony, including ourselves. This is the experience of ONENESS. 

Daily, I am reminded how we are masterfully supported by the Divine Creator in this awakening process. Working with the plant kingdom for over 35 years has opened me to a greater appreciation of the unconditional love of the Earth and the nuturing embrace of her plants. We are blessed.

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