A PLANT APOTHECARY. Handcrafted in small batches with love in New Orleans.

Gifts from Source ~ Wildflower Essences and Wildflower Oils

October 1, 2015

I am so excited to share our new and expanded Spirit line with you, to help support you through these exquisite and sometimes challenging times. Created in cooperation and in communication, with the plant kingdom and guidance from Source. Our Spirit line will support you in your Soul's Awakening and assist you in aligning with new vibrations, frequencies and energies being gracefully delivered to the planet. The line has been specifically designed to help you remove blocks, see a clearer picture of perfection both within yourself and the world, love yourself more, communicate more clearly in your relationships, (seen and unseen) and to ground and integrate as you move forward.

INNER PEACE ESSENCE - Rosemarinus officinalis in spring water. - Stimulates function of the 3rd Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra - Produces a state of inner peace and ecstasy

HEART CHAKRA EXPANSION - Rudbeckia hirta in pure olive oil. - opens and balances heart chakra - Expands the capacity for love and compassion by revealing blocks - Assists in the integration of Christ Consciousness

3RD EYE OPENING - Solidago rugosa in pure olive oil. - Stimulates opening of 3rd Chakra - Amplifies etheric sight

So, if you are in need of support as the opportunities for awakening and enlightenment abound, I hope you will visit our Spirit Line page and nourish yourself with the wisdom and love from the plant kingdom and beyond. Please visit our Spirit Line often because we will be unveiling new products to support your awakening and integration as guided by Source as new energies continue to evolve.

Blessings and growth,